How It Works

All Slack messages will come from “@flipbot” and go directly to the Sales Stream owner. Depending on notification settings, each of these messages will also show a desktop notification, push notification, etc.

Assumption: The Uberflip user's email address must be the same as the Slack's user. I.e. if the Uberflip user's email is "" (or then its assumed their email in your Slack team is ""

When a prospect is first identified, and is accessing a Sales Stream for the first time, a “full” message is sent in Slack:

Only notifications about Sales Stream activity is sent.

The first part of the message is not customizable. The Koala in this case is derived using a mod on the prospect’s MAP user ID, against a static array of emoji faces (For easy detection in a crowded list of messages). There’s no guarantee that another user will not also be a Koala but the chances are about 1 in 30 :)

The remaining details in this message (i.e. Name, Company, Email, Title, Phone…) are completely configurable in the installation of the script (as they are MAP and organizationally specific)

When, in this case “Cindy” visits another page (i.e. Item) in this Stream, the rep will receive a “partial” message like:

Notice that the number of unique items viewed is counted at the end. This does not count the Stream home, and will not go up if the prospect viewed the same Item more than once (it will also not send a notification of the same item viewed unless 30 minutes have gone by since the last activity was recorded)

When “Cindy” engages with her 3rd Item, the rep will receive a message like:

When “Cindy” engages with her 4th Item, the rep will receive a message like:

And when “Cindy” engages with her 5th or more items, the rep will receive:

As mentioned, the only time a rep will receive notification of a prospect viewing an Item they’ve already engaged with is if 30 minutes or more have gone by between any engagement:

If the MAP user is not known, the same engagement logic is used, but with limited info on the prospect themselves:

And finally, if the CTA 'gate' setting is used, upon conversion, you will receive a sequence that includes the converted leads' information:

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